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Located at 14 Matthews Way, Devonport since 2018, our new larger facility allows far more creative freedom than our old facility we shared with White Hot Motorsport at 8 Matthews Way, where the business grew rapidly since 2011.

The beauty of our new facility is it allows us to process your car from start to finish, with scope for engine and driveline work, brakes and suspension, electrical, automotive fabrication, and most importantly, tuning. Our store stocks many of the things you may need on short notice, with a large range of lubricants, gaskets, clamps, silicone joiners, fabrication supplies, engine management sensors, fuel system parts, air filters, radiators and intercoolers.

Our state of the art, one of a kind Mainline Hub Dyno allows us to handle engines up to 3000HP easily. Our tuning experience is heavily biased towards Haltech products which we distribute, but we offer services for most tuning platforms including Link, Motec, Autronic, Nistune, Power FC, HP Tuners, Microtech and Adaptronic. We are also equipped to tune your carb application, with a bias towards Holley style products.

Our dyno is specially made to enable us to "push start" your engine, so we can tune vehicles not fitted with starter motors such as used in Speedway.

Our engine work has no limits thanks to a strong network, from a small repair to a bare block custom setup, with preference towards Nissan RB and SR, Toyota 4A and JZ, and GM/Holden LS applications.

While we are not a general auto electrical service, we offer comprehensive services for custom wiring and repairs, including race car wiring and bespoke engine looms.

Our fabrication services are based around thoughtful solutions for your engine upgrades, including intercooler systems, oil and water transfer, exhausts, brackets and mounts.

We are approved dealers and stockists of a large range of products, most notable including -

Haltech - https://www.haltech.com/discotune/

Turbosmart - https://www.turbosmart.com/dealer/discotune/

Nitto Performance Engineering - http://www.nitto.com.au/

GCG Turbochargers - https://gcg.com.au/

Garrett Turbochargers - https://www.garrettmotion.com/racing-and-performance/

Borg Warner Turbochargers - http://www.turbo.borgwarner.com/

Precision Turbochargers - https://www.precisionturbo.net/

Platinum Racing Products - https://www.platinumracingproducts.com/dealers/

BC Racing Suspension - https://bcracing.com.au/dealers/

MCA Racing Suspension - https://mcasuspension.com/

Rota Wheels - https://www.rotawheels.com.au/

Kumho Tyres - https://www.kumho.com.au/

Aeroflow - https://www.aeroflowperformance.com/

Plazmaman - https://plazmaman.com/

PWR Performance Products - https://www.pwr.com.au/

VCM Performance - https://vcmstore.com.au/

ProcessWest - https://processwest.com.au/

6Boost Turbo Manifolds

PowerPlus Racing Fuels - https://powerplusfuel.com.au/

Motul Oils - https://www.motul.com/au/en/products